Crane Handling

We specialize in hauling various types of cranes. We recognize and understand the proper care required to secure the many components of a complete crane. Whether internally or on site, we are committed to finding ways to reduce costs for our valued customers. We take pride in knowing that our customers depend on us for top quality service. We can meet demands and timelines of all types of work projects.

Our President has over 25 years in the crane industry, and

also as a hoisting engineer operator. His valuable expertise

keeps us ahead of other carriers with superior knowledge of

 load securement and handling of your product. 

Based in Brampton, we deal primarily in the GTA, but are able to haul anywhere in Canada or the USA.

We transport all types of cranes including tower cranes and mobile cranes. Our drivers are specially trained to properly handle and secure all specialty loads.

Flatbed Transportation 


Between the time of loading and the time of delivery, we will allow equipment to be stored on our trailers for 2 - 8 days at a time. If it is at all possible for us to work around and not use these loaded trailers for that time, we will do so to avoid charging extra costs to our customer.